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At Wishart Brain & Spine Law, our lawyers choose to focus on personal injury cases where the victims may suffer from serious, debilitating injuries. We have experience settling complex injury cases after accidents that result in brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other similar injuries that can lead to lifelong hardships and struggles. We feel that victims of these accidents deserve the best recovery options available in British Columbia or wherever they reside in Canada.

To help provide these options to victims and their families, we make it our mission to fight for our clients both inside and outside of the courtroom to ensure their rights are always upheld and that they’re presented with the best medical treatments and continued care plans available. Our attorney-client relationships don’t end at our law office. We make every effort possible to help our clients with every aspect of recovery and the legal claim process because we know that this is how families truly gain the strength and momentum to move forward after a tragic event.

Our lawyers have experience settling cases all across BC and Canada as well as across the United States. We’re familiar with how laws and legal processes work in the U.S. and will not hesitate from taking on cases that involve the laws and insurance groups from both countries. We’re proud to take active roles in the leading legal organizations in the U.S. and in Canada and are considered leaders within these organizations.

If you and your family are struggling to recover after an accident that you believe you weren’t at fault for or feel that you’re not getting access to the medical treatment options or care you deserve, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to contact Wishart Brain & Spine Law today to see how we can potentially be of assistance. Regardless of the type of injuries you sustained or the details of the accident, you may be surprised at what doors and possibilities getting in contact with our legal team may help open.

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