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The Top 10 Most Bike-Friendly Areas in Vancouver

Published on May 23, 2019 at 2:46 pm in Bicycle Accidents.

Parked bicycle on nature path in forest

As a cyclist, you may be interested in knowing where the safer areas to ride are located in the city. The city of Vancouver has a detailed map that lists the various lanes that you can use to make a route that you’re comfortable with. Perhaps sticking to the safer areas will decrease your chances of getting harmed in a bicycle collision because the routes are more defined, protected, and motorists will be more aware in these places.

Where Are Vancouver’s Bike-Friendly Areas?

The bicycle map indicates different kinds of lanes. The AAA Network indicates routes that are most comfortable for all people who cycle. This includes skill level and age.

There are many routes in the AAA Network. But perhaps the most scenic are the ones that border English Bay. The path goes through many of the parks next to it. There’s Spanish Banks Park, Locarno Park, Jericho Beach Park, Hastings Mill Park, Kitsilano Beach Park, Hadden Park, and it continues over Burrard Street Bridge. You can continue the route on Sunset Beach, English Bay Beach, Second Beach, Third Beach, and continues all the way around into Coal Harbour.

If you don’t want to cross the bridge, simply continue the route that takes you through Charleston Park and Olympic Village. As you go through the parks that border False Creek, you will eventually hit Sunset Beach.

With so many options that border such a beautiful part of our city, all kinds of cyclists will be able to find something enjoyable for them. If you’re a recreational rider and simply want to ride around one park, it won’t be difficult for you to get to one. Those who wish to cycle long distance have an easy, long route to follow. For those going through the city, East Boulevard will put you on a route that takes you near West 7th Ave.

Another type of bike path cyclists may see on the map are protected bike lanes and off-street paths. These have physical barriers that protect cyclists from motor vehicles. They’re often connected to local street bikeways—where cyclists share the road with motor vehicles on neighborhood streets.

These can be found throughout Vancouver. As indicated on the map, many of the green routes run in a grid-like formation, meaning that anyone can travel on bike throughout the city.

Painted bike lanes indicate an area for cyclists to ride between a parking lane or sidewalk and a moving vehicle lane. Sometimes, bike lanes that have barriers may transition into these temporarily. If you aren’t comfortable with these kinds of bike lanes, make sure to plan out your route before.

Wishart Brain & Spine Law Protects Cyclists

 While Vancouver is working to become a bicycle-friendly place, sometimes accidents do happen. When a negligent driver has caused your injuries, they need to answer for their actions. It’s possible that the other party may try to assign some of the blame on you, which could affect your claim. We’ll do everything we can to show that you weren’t the one at fault and deserve to be compensated for what you’ve been through.

Getting started on your case as quickly as possible will allow us to examine lasting physical evidence that could help your case and possibly reach a settlement in a short period of time. Also, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re taking the correct steps to getting the recovery you’ll need. Give us a call today and we’ll discuss your options.

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