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Robyn Wishart

Robyn Wishart has represented plaintiffs exclusively since June 2008. Prior to that, Robyn represented some of the largest insurance companies, including Lloyd’s of London, in litigation matters throughout Canada, giving her great insight on how they operate. She has appeared as counsel before the Provincial and Supreme Court of British Columbia, and has handled a wide variety of cases, including complex personal injury and insurance litigation. Robyn concentrates her practice on cases involving spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries.

Robyn has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Winnipeg and a law degree from the University of Victoria. Her undergraduate studies were focused on sports psychology and Robyn continues to study and teach neuroscience and its application to law, storytelling, and decision-making.

Robyn is an internationally sought after speaker and teacher and has presented at prestigious events across the U.S. and Canada. She is the first Canadian to teach and lead civil advocacy workshops at the Ultimate Trial College at Harvard University Law School. Robyn is also an ongoing speaker at 2018’s Medical Legal Tool Kit, a series of courses designed to help medical professionals navigate medical legal work.

Robyn is the founding shareholder at the Vancouver law firm, Wishart Brain and Spine Law, and can be reached at


Articles and Invited Presentations

Trial Lawyers Association of BC

April 4, 2014
Brain Injury Conference, Speaker with Michael Slater Q.C.
Topic: How Long Can You Tread Water
December 6, 2013
Merging of the Minds: Understanding how the neuroscience of magic affects the practice of law and medicine, Chair and Presenter
Topic: The Neuroscience of Storytelling: From Words to Brain
October 29, 2013
Cutting Edge Trial Techniques, Evidence Choices and Persuasion
Topic: Choices and the Rules of the Road

The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC

March 7, 2014
Medicine that lawyers will want to take, Presenter

Greater Vancouver Legal Nurse Consultant Association

April 12, 2014
Malingering in Disability and Personal Injury Claims

Ontario Trial Lawyers Association

2012 Spring Conference
Topic: Using Defence Experts as Your Guide to Win

American Association for Justice

June 2014
Trial Advocacy College: Depositions, Presenter, Buffalo, NY
October 2013
Civil Essentials College, Tulane University New Orleans, Faculty Member
Topics: Giving Jurors the Facts and Arguments they Need to Prevail in the Jury Room; Juror Perceptions and Beliefs; Techniques for Overcoming Bias; Anticipating the Defence Arguments
March 2013
The Ultimate Civil Advocacy College, Harvard Law School, Boston, MA, Faculty Member
Topic: The Neuroscience of Social Decision Making
February 2013
Miami Winter Convention, Presenter and Author
Topic: The Neuroscience of Storytelling
June 2010 – 2012
Deposition College, Denver, CO, Faculty Member
Topics: Witness Preparation; Overcoming Juror Bias
January 2011 – 2014
Advanced Depositions College, New Orleans, LA, Faculty Member
Topics: Witness Preparation and Using Neuroscience; Decision Making and Storytelling in Depositions; The Shared Common Experience, Social Pigeons; Using Rhetorical Questions in Depositions

New Jersey Trial Lawyers Association

The Boardwalk, Presenter
Topics: Establishing Standards of Care and Conduct with a Defense Witness; Battle Strategies: Choosing Your Weapons – The Funnel Approach, Love, Respect or Fear, Hockey Approach to DME Cross

University of British Columbia

2012 Spring Session Guest Lecturer – Personal Injury Law
Topic: Discovery and Document Discolsure

Webinar Trial Smith Online Lecture Series

October 15, 2013
The Evolution of the Rules of the Road to Rhetorical Questions
March 27, 2013
The Neuroscience of Storytelling: From Words to Brain

Professional and Community Involvement

  • Member of the AAJ National College of Advocacy Board of Trustees
  • Member of the AAJ Publications Committee
  • Founding Member of the CORTEX Centre Advisory Board
  • Member of the Law Society of British Columbia
  • Member of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia
  • Member of the Vancouver Bar Association
  • Member of the American Association of Justice
  • Avid beach volleyball player and has represented the University of Winnipeg and the University of British Columbia as a varsity athlete playing indoor volleyball

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