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Vancouver Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Cycling in a busy city like Vancouver saves people money, time, and worrying about parking. It doesn’t hurt that cycling has numerous health benefits. Because cycling is often a main mode of transportation, motor vehicle operators may find themselves sharing the road with cyclists. Unfortunately, negligent drivers can cause accidents that injure cyclists.

If you were injured in an accident and it wasn’t your fault, you can get compensation for your injuries. A Vancouver bicycle accident lawyer from Wishart Brain & Spine Law will help you with your claim. We understand how your injuries can keep you from working and enjoying your everyday life. Your mental health can suffer because of the emotional stress. We’re here to help alleviate that and get you the benefits you deserve.

How Often Do Vancouver Bicycle Accidents Happen?

British Columbia has had many bicycle accidents over the years. This map shows the reported accidents between 2009-2013. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) has data from 2017 regarding bicycle accidents.

  • 740 cyclists are injured each year.
  • 7 cyclists are killed each year.
  • About 6 cyclists are injured every day in the summer.

These accidents happen because cyclists may be difficult to see for some drivers. They’re smaller than other cars and can be obscured by parts of the car. Sharing the road can also pose issues if a driver can’t tell how close they are to a cyclist or if a cyclist makes a sudden turn in front of them. Cars turning into oncoming traffic may quickly check for drivers but miss a cyclist.

What are Common Bicycle Accident Injuries?

Cyclists don’t have the protection that a car provides in accidents. While you can protect yourself with a helmet and protective clothing, there’s still a chance of getting an injury from an accident. These injuries can range from mild and severe, and could potentially have permanent consequences.

  • Head Injuries. It’s the law in British Columbia to wear a safety helmet when riding a bike or risk getting fined. Head injuries can have severe consequences like having chronic pain. A common head injury is a concussion, which may cause painful headaches, confusion, and issues with memory. Other head injuries may be more serious and can lead to a TBI (traumatic brain injury).
  • Bruising and Contusions. The impact with a car, other objects in the road, or the pavement can cause painful bruising and contusions.
  • Dental Injuries. Cyclists have a risk of getting dental or facial fractures from accidents.
  • Sprains or Dislocations. Some people may try to catch themselves before they hit the ground in an accident. This can lead to sprained wrists or ankles or could possibly dislocate joints.
  • Road Rash. The friction from the impact can cause burn injuries on cyclists. These injuries may be mild and can be taken care of at home but serious burn injuries may be painful and require medical professions to treat. Some road rash can leave permanent scarring or cause nerve damage.

Bicycle accidents can also cause broken bones, spinal injuries, or injuries from hitting the handlebars of the bike. In rare cases, the bicycle’s handlebars aren’t protecting and could possibly penetrate the skin.

What Should You Do After a Bicycle Accident?

Your actions after an accident can affect your future claim. If anyone needs immediate medical attention, you have to take care of that first. There will be time to get the information you need later so don’t let that prevent you from calling for help if you need it.

  • Call the Police. Report the accident to the police to provide a nonbiased account. Only report the facts. Don’t try to fill in details if you don’t know what happened because this could affect your claim later. Ask for a copy of the report.
  • Talk to the Other Parties. Get the contact information of the people involved in the crash.
  • Track Evidence of Your Injuries. It’s a good idea to document your injuries so you have evidence of how the crash affected you. Photographs of injuries and your damaged bike will strengthen your claim. You should also keep track of your medical records that shows your treatment for your injuries.
  • Stay Away from Social Media. Posting about your accident on social media could potentially jeopardize your claim. Your posts can be used against you and may convey that you weren’t injured as badly as you claim. The result could be a lower compensation than you could have gotten.

The last thing you want to do is unknowingly put your claim in danger. Following these tips could be the difference between a favorable settlement and an unfavorable settlement. Your injuries, medical care, and future treatments can get expensive, so you’ll want to have your best chance at getting full compensation.

How You Can Get Help from a Vancouver Bicycle Accident Lawyer

An experienced Vancouver bicycle accident lawyer from Wishart Brain & Spine Law will be there at every step for your claim. They’ll work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. You’ll have peace of mind that someone is standing up for your rights and you can focus on recovery. Don’t wait another minute. Contact Wishart Brain & Spine Law for a free consultation today at 1-855-WISHART. We’ll find the right path for you.

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