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Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Many people enjoy the freedom of riding a motorcycle. Some may like the ease of riding through the streets of Vancouver. Motorcycles are less bulky than cars and offer more movement when you’re in traffic. But motorcycle accident injuries can prevent you from working and living your everyday life. It’s an extremely stressful period for anyone to go through.

A Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyer from Wishart Brain & Spine Law can fight to get you the compensation you need. Your accident could require a long recovery period that includes hospital stays, physical therapy, and there could be long term consequences that could change your life forever. With a skilled and compassionate lawyer at your side, you’ll have support that will stand up for you and the benefits that you’re owed.

Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Statistics

British Columbia has an increasing amount of motorcycle crash injuries according to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). They also find that while motorcycles are involved in crashes, they are rarely the ones at fault.

  • In 2016, there were 2,600 accidents in British Columbia that injured 1,600 motorcyclists.
  • 2015 had 1,500 motorcycle injuries in British Columbia.
  • 32 motorcyclists died from those accidents in 2015.
  • Accidents tend to increase in spring and summer.
  • On average, six motorcyclists are injured each day in British Columbia during the months of July and August.

Motorcyclists have to meet several safety laws to reduce their risk of getting hurt in accidents. British Columbia has strict laws designed to help motorcyclists. All motorcyclists and their passengers must wear helmets that meet certain safety requirements, the driver must be astride the driver’s seat, and passengers need to be behind the driver.

But if someone else acts negligently, motorcyclists can still be hurt or injured. Motorcycles can be difficult to see on the road and other drivers could misjudge how fast they’re going.

Other causes of motorcycle accident include:

  • Left Turns. Turning left into traffic can obscure motorcyclist from a car driver’s view. This can often lead to collisions.
  • Rear Ending. Other drivers may not be able to tell how far away they are from a motorcycle. If they need to brake quickly, they may not have enough time, and end up rear-ending the motorcyclist in front of them.
  • Distracted Driving. Whenever someone is eating or changing the radio station, they’re not giving the road their full attention. Phones are a major concern because people are always checking their notifications for social media or text messages. Without full focus on driving, people can’t be prepared to drive safely because their eyes aren’t on the road and sometimes only one hand is on the wheel.
  • Inclement Weather. Dangerous weather makes the roads more difficult to navigate for everyone. Snow, ice, and wind can create hazardous driving conditions that can lessen a vehicle’s grip on the pavement or put obstructions in the middle of the road.

While there are many causes for motorcycle accidents, it all comes down to being aware of who’s on the road and making sure those vehicles have enough space. Leaving cushions between vehicles around you will give you more time and space to quickly brake, turn off the road, or make a decision that keeps you safe while driving.

Motorcycle Accidents Cause Severe Injuries

Motorcyclists don’t have the protection in accidents that other motor vehicle operators have. The most a motorcyclist can have is a helmet and long-sleeved protective clothing, but they don’t have the body of a car to absorb impact. As a result, motorcycle accident injuries can quickly become severe and possibly life-threatening.

  • Head Injuries. You can still get head injuries when you’re wearing a helmet. Main threats include brain swelling or cracking your skull. These injuries require immediate medical attention. Motorcyclists can also suffer from concussions, which can be fatal. Mild concussions may cause pain and will require treatment.
  • Spine Injuries. In high-speed crashes, motorcyclists can get thrown from their vehicles and impact the ground or other objects. They may injure their spine, which could fracture or crack. These injuries have the potential to cause loss of feeling and use from the waist down or cause injuries that have a long recovery time and require lifestyle changes.
  • Broken Bones and Fractures. Legs, knees, and feet are common bones that are injured in accidents. Some of these injuries can also include scrapes or cuts from the impact and can take a long time to recover. In serious cases, the injuries could cause permanent damage or chronic pain.
  • Road Rash. When a motorcyclist slides across pavement, the friction can cause serious burn injuries called road rash. If the person’s clothing is too thin or their skin is exposed, the impact can tear the skin and expose it to bits of gravel, dirt, and whatever else is on the road. The level of severity differs:
    • First-degree road rash may only need to be cleaned and protected with a bandage.
    • Second-degree is more serious, will probably take longer to heal, and there’s a potential the area will be scarred. Third-degree road rash injuries are the most severe and may require skin grafts to heal. There’s a risk of the area getting an infection that requires medical professionals and antibiotics to treat. After healing, the area could have permanent scarring or nerve damage.

A motorcyclist’s best bet to avoid accidents is to take all the safety precautions available. Always ride with a helmet that meets official safety standards, wear full protective gear down to the boots, make sure you’re visible, and drive cautiously.

Get Help from a Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating physically, emotionally, and financially. While you’re dealing with injuries and trying to recover, the weight of handling your motorcycle accident claim shouldn’t fall solely on your shoulders. At Wishart Brain & Spine Law, we understand what you’re going through and want to help get you the justice you deserve. Contact a Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyer today at 1-855-WISHART and we’ll discuss the merits of your case in a free consultation and decide the best course of action for you.

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