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National Truth and Reconciliation Day - Sept 30

National Truth and Reconciliation Day


This year the Federal Government of Canada declared September 30, National Truth and Reconciliation Day. Wishart Brain and Spine Law discussed how we could show our respect, compassion, and our intent to learn from the past as we move towards a better future for all Indigenous people.  After discussions, research and ensuring we respected each individual Indigenous culture, beliefs, and ways they honor the past, and their deceased, we felt the best way to show our intent for change was to read, educate, and reflect about the horror Indigenous children, parents, and grandparents faced each day.

By now we are all aware that the orange shirt represents Indigenous children who were taken from their homes, families, communities, and forced into residential schools. Many of these children did not return. Those children that did return home suffered mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. They returned traumatized and feeling worthless. Before we can make a promise to change our future actions, we must take the time to truly understand the significance, reasons, and purpose of this day.

Today, we encourage you to take a step towards change and read the story of six year old Phyllis Webstad, and why an orange shirt became the symbol of National Truth and Reconciliation.

Help Indigenous people rebuild their culture by taking the time to listen to their stories, join in on local activities, ceremonies, presentations, and educate yourself about indigenous people, their culture, their beliefs. Ask them how they want us to support them today and each day hereafter on this path towards reconciliation and follow through on your promise.

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Robyn Wishart, and the Staff of Wishart Brain and Spine Law. Every Child Matters.

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