CFL Concussion Class Action Lawsuit

A CFL concussion class action lawsuit was initiated by a legal claim brought by Arland Bruce against the Canadian Football League (CFL), the Krembil Neuroscience Centre, and The CFL Alumni Association. This lawsuit is intended  to recognize the danger and risks of multiple concussions.

You can replace a hip joint or a knee joint, but nothing can be done to help someone with repetitive trauma to their brain. Parents and coaches need to know when it is time for a player to stop participating in contact sports. Athletes need to be provided adequate medical information about their injury. This information is important when making a decision about when it is safe to return to sport or retire.

The goal of this lawsuit is to:

  • inform parents, coaches and players about repetitive brain trauma
  • get help for players that are living with the long-term effects of concussion

If you are a current player, or a retired CFL player and are suffering with post concussion symptoms you may be eligible to join. 

Please fill in the online application / contact us form or call the office at 1-855-947-4278 or 1-855-WISHART.  Ask to speak directly with injury lawyer Robyn Wishart.  

You are not alone. Get the help you and your family need.

Read the full statement of claim here