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Why Do Spinal Injuries Rarely Fully Heal?

Published on Feb 28, 2019 at 5:09 pm in Spinal Injuries.

Severe accidents can often result in severe injuries. One of the most devastating is a spinal injury. They can take a long time to recover and sometimes they don’t fully heal. Why do spinal injuries rarely heal? Let’s look at the facts about these types of injuries:

Understanding the Severity of Spinal Injuries

When someone suffers from a spinal injury, the spinal cord experiences trauma and the nerve cells are damaged. Those cells don’t regenerate, meaning that’s it’s highly unlikely someone will fully recover from a serious spinal injury.

It’s important to know that the spinal cord doesn’t need to be severed for damage to occur. The injury can still result in the loss of function.

There are different kinds of spinal cord injuries: complete and incomplete. A complete injury means that the person has lost function below the injury site. They don’t have any sensation and can’t make voluntary movement. However, an incomplete injury still has some function below the injury site. It’s also possible for one side of the body to have more control or feeling than the other. This could mean being able to move one leg more easily than the other, or still having feeling in an area even if they can’t move it.

Some of the more serious outcomes include tetraplegia and paraplegia. Tetraplegia is also known as quadriplegia, where the person’s trunk, arms, hands, and legs are affected. Pelvic organs can also be affected. Paraplegia is when the person is paralyzed in part or all of their trunk or legs.

The severity of the injury depends on what part of the spinal cord is harmed. If the cervical area is harmed, which is C1-C8, then tetraplegia is a possible outcome. The thoracic spinal area is the next section down. If the sites T1-T12 are injured, then paraplegia along with loss of feeling and issues with the bowel and bladder are possible. However, these injuries aren’t as common because the rib cage offers unique protection.

The next area of the spine is the lumbar region. If the sites L1-L5 are injured, then paralysis is possible. It typically applies to the lower half of the body and they retain function of their shoulders, arms, and hands. The lower end of the spine is the sacral region, which includes sites S1-S5. When people are injured in this area, they typically lose function of their bowel and bladder. Their hips and legs can also be affected.

With all these different possible outcomes, a spinal injury can seriously change someone’s life.

The Difficulties of Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries can often have permanent consequences. They often completely change how a person lives their life. After all the medical care in the hospital, they may need medical equipment at home, along with a strict recovery plan. This could include medication and physical therapy. During all of this change, you’re going to be adjusting to your new way of life and may not be able to work for a while.

This can be devastating to deal with. If your injuries occurred in an accident or incident that was caused by someone else’s negligence or the wrongful actions of another group or company, you may be tempted to take the first settlement offer that the insurance company or government offers. But this amount may not be what you’re fully entitled to. But fair compensation can provide a great amount of financial relief.

The best way to get the settlement you deserve is with the help of a lawyer. By hiring a lawyer to assist you with your spinal cord injury claim, you’ll be able to focus on your recovery and not have to worry about how you’re going to afford medical bills and put food on the table.

You can also hold the people accountable for their negligent actions because your injuries happened because of them. They should take responsibility for what they’ve done. Our lawyers will do everything we can to make sure to show how their actions directly harmed you and that it’s unacceptable.

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