At Wishart Brain & Spine Law LLP. we understand that a catastrophic injury has an impact on your personal life. This is the reason we believe in taking a holistic law approach to personal injury claims. This means that your physical, mental, and financial health, are all considered a part of your recovery. 

We put the person back in personal injury.

Wishart Brain and Spine Law has expanded its services to now include Family Law. This branch of law deals with legal matters related to families and relationships. We offer various services, including support with divorce proceedings, child custody arrangements, child and spousal support negotiations, adoption processes, and property division disputes. Our experienced lawyers provide guidance, representation, and mediation services to protect their clients’ rights and interests while ensuring the well-being and best interests of the entire family. Whether it’s resolving conflicts or drafting important legal agreements, Wishart Brain and Spine lawyers strive to provide comprehensive assistance in family law matters in an accessible, compassionate, and understandable manner.


If your lawyer does not know your story, how can they tell it? 

We are not just lawyers we are human beings, like you.

Meet the Team at Wishart Brain and Spine Law LLP

Why Choose Our Firm

Our holistic law approach is what sets us apart from other firms. We want you to live a life not a claim. 

Experienced Attorneys

Our legal team focuses on complicated, catastrophic legal claims other firms may be reluctant to accept.

Best Case Stratergy

Years of experience and access to the best resources is why we are so successful in getting our clients the settlements they need for living their best life.

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Your first consultation is always free. Please do not hesitate to give our office a call.

What Our Clients Say

What clients have to say about their experience with Wishart Brain & Spine Law LLP.

"Robyn Wishart proved her compassion, diligence, ethics, and exemplary legal knowledge from the moment we met through to the resolution of my claim. Robyn truly saved my life in many small but significant ways. I am forever grateful.”
Cindi Sand-Eveland
"Robyn Wishart saved me. The moment I met Robyn I knew from her philosophy, style and practice she was the right lawyer. Robyn listened and truly understood where I was physically and emotionally. She led me through a difficult time with compassion, patience, ease, confidence, and skill. Robyn had my back and best interest at heart every step of the way. She made me feel confident and hopeful. Thank you for everything you are and do."
Laura Rodrigues
'Robyn is extraordinary & unique human being. Very blessed to have her as my advocate lawyer. Her compassion for the injured is infinite. Robyn helped me in my hardest life changing time. Robyn is the best in my world and helped me get to a new loving independent life. Thank you, Robyn, from my humble soul"
Christopher Edward

Thank you for the work and level of professionalism in all your work for me.




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