Young Family of three walking in crosswalk

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Pedestrian Safety Tips Being a pedestrian is a healthy and often faster way to get around busy cities. So, we have put together a few

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Doctor with a clip board and pen at a hospital bed speaking to a patient off screen

Predicting TBI Recovery Time

Understanding the Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries Predicting a TBI recovery time is difficult. Each injury is different and the recovery time for each person

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African Canadian woman looking into the mirror her hand is extended to the mirror as though she is touching her hand to another

The Power of Self Talk

We are the biggest cheerleaders of others. We sing the praises of our family, friends and co-workers. But why is it that sometimes we struggle to do this for ourselves?

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Sign that says Not today COVID19 sitting on a wooden stool

COVID19 – Do you know?

COVID19 has changed our world. As we sit in our homes, busy lives disrupted, social world cancelled, but healthy, how many ask, is this necessary,

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Blue Car front end smashed into a pole

NO to No Fault Insurance

Confused about No Fault Insurance? Some people are all for the new ICBC insurance. Others are speaking loudly about the negative impact it will have

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Photo of a bed with a nurse call button

Preventing Bedsores in TBI Patients Being Cared for at Home

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, happen when a person is bedridden for an extended period of time because they are unable to relieve pressure on certain body parts. Depending on how much pressure is on the skin bedsores can be anywhere from mild to deadly. What makes pressure ulcers most dangerous is that if your loved one with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is unconscious or unable to sense pain, the sore could go unnoticed and get worse.

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