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Spinal Cord Injury – SCI

Spinal Cord or SCI injuries are catastrophic, with no medical cure.

Some people will gain some mobility back as swelling from the injury subsides but most never fully recover and require lifelong care and support.

The leading causes for SCI is a motor vehicle accident, but slip and falls, sports injury, or other trauma to the spinal cord, can also have devastating consequences.

If you have suffered a SCI, and are unsure about what to do next, Wishart Brain and Spine Law can help.

How We Help

We not only offer experienced legal advise, and fight for a fair settlement from insurance companies, but we also help find our clients the support required from:

    • Doctors and specialists
    • Physiotherapists
    • Mental health professionals
    • SCI community support
    • Finding a long term care facility

Things to Consider:

    • Lost wages
    • Medical expenses current and future
    • Future earnings
    • Rehabilitation 
    • Physiotherapy
    • Home accommodations
      • Mobility
      • Manual wheelchairs 
      • Motorized wheelchairs 
      • Vehicle adaptations
    • Daily assisted heath care routines 
    • Living expenses

If the insurance company is not following through on settlement offers,  not providing the support you’re covered for, or is not answering your questions, please seek legal counsel.

If you have been offered a settlement from an insurance company we encourage you to talk to one of our SCI injury lawyers prior to signing.  We will make sure that your settlement is fair and will sustain you and your family. We calculate the cost of living and medical expenses you can expect over your life time to determine what is fair.

Your first consultation at Wishart Brain and Spine Law is free.

We want you to Live a Life Not a Claim.