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Wishart Brain and Spine is more than just your legal representation – for our clients, we are also your advocate. We help find and connect you with client resources specific to your recovery needs. Your recovery is important.

We want you to Live a Life Not a Claim

WAGS – Wives and Girlfriends of Spinal Cord Injury

Wishart Brain and Spine Law is proud to be a Trusted Partner with WAGS of SCI, an organization founded in Vancouver British Columbia.

Co-founders Brooks and Elena are two strong, loving women who met by accident on the internet. Both women are the primary caregivers to their partners that have suffered a spinal cord injury (SCI).

Brooks and Elena have found strength and encouragement to face daily challenges by having someone understand what they were going through. They decided to start an Instagram support page for other women in their situation. It was this page that started WAGS, a comprehensive resource for SCI families across North America. 

What is most admirable about Brooks and Elena is that they have found an opportunity to help others while still navigating their own crisis, together. 

WAGS of SCI has launched a new pod cast where they have frank and open discussions about what its like to live with Spinal Cord Injury, what challenges they face, how they have found support ,and offer suggestions about where to get help. Tune into their podcast by following this link.

Individualized Funding Resource Centre

Individualized Funding Resource Centre is located in Vancouver BC and offers help to anyone across the province. This unique organization helps you establish your own Choice in Supported Independent Living or CSIL care system.  

Paul Gauthier is one of the founders with an impressive list of resources, incredible knowledge of the CSIL system, and many contacts to help you take control of your own care.  Paul claims CSIL to be the “best kept secret in healthcare” and would love to help show you how you can set your own custom and specific care program.

Wishart Brain and Spine Law has chosen Individualized Funding Resources Centre as part of our client resources  because Paul himself is a CSIL employer.  All the skilled and experienced people that you will work with all have diverseabilities. Therefore, they understand your needs from a personal perspective. 

It is inspirational to see how IFRC helps those that are ill, or have suffered a catastrophic accident, see that life goes on. There is opportunity to make your life the best it can be.

How Wishart Brain and Spine Law is different

Lawyers at Wishart Brain and Spine Law practice holistic law.  That means that we are not only your legal representation we are also a part of your recovery. We care. Our team helps our clients with finding the resources, equipment, specialists and support you will need for the best recovery possible.

Contact us today if you have been injured in an accident and need help.