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Personal Injury and General Practice Areas

At Wishart Brain and Spine Law we focus our practice on personal injury but we also understand that life is more than just an injury claim. Our lawyers also provide general practice legal services for clients who need to make sure that their family is taken care of now and in the future. 

Our experienced and successful Personal Injury Lawyers represent clients in cases such as:

If you have been injured in an accident, that was not your fault, are having difficulties with your insurance company, have been offered a settlement or have questions about your settlement offer please contact one of the lawyers at Wishart Brain and Spine Law. Your first consultation is always free

General Practice Legal Services

Taking care of your family is the most important part of life. The Lawyers at Wishart Brain and Spine Law recognize that an injury can have a negative effect your personal life if it is not properly planned. Part of your personal injury claim is also to take care of your family. Our Lawyers offer general practice legal services to help with your recovery and transitions in life.  Wishart Brain and Spine law practice Holistic Law. This means you  physical, mental, financial and personal wellbeing are all connected and must be considered.  This is some of the ways we are here to help you”

  • Wills and Estates
  • Employment Law
    • Wrongful dismissal
    • Constructive dismissal
    • Severance  pay
  • Real Estate Conveyances – Selling and property transfer
  • Commercial Law – opening or closing businesses
  • Family Law
    • Custody
    • Separation agreements
    • Spousal support 
    • Divorce
  • Notary Services

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