woman in wheelchair living independently - CSIL Choice in supports for independent living

What is CSIL Choice in Supports for Independent Living?

Introduction to CSIL Choice in Supports for Independent Living 

CSIL Choice in Supports for Independent Living is a program for people who need more flexibility and control over your home care needs. If you have suffered a significant physical disability from an injury and are already receiving home care you may want to explore the CSIL program.

What is CSIL?

CSIL is your own home-based business where you receive funds directly from your local health authority to manage all aspects of your personal home care support. Home care programs are set up by the Health Authority who determines your eligibility and number of hours of care you need. They inform another agency about your care and you wait for them to set up your program and provide you the schedule. CSIL eliminates the agency responsible for organizing and providing your home care support. You are in control.


The CSIL program reduces the time for hospital stays,
provides support for you when you must attend doctor or specialist appointments, eases the burden on family members to assist with your care, and physiotherapy may be available in your home which reduces your travel,
mobility, stress, and fatigue. CSIL lets you stay in your home as long as possible with your loved ones and allows you to be a part of your family’s daily life.

How we help our clients

Wishart Brain and Spine Law help qualified clients through this complex 6-step application process. We want you to understand what is required, help you decide which application, and what you should anticipate throughout the process. Please look at the other links in our Client Resources where we discuss the benefits and what to consider before you start your application. We have included direct links to the CSIL application process below. Clients can Contact us for more information

Summary CSIL

Complete CSIL Online Workbook.

Module 1: What is
CSIL and is it for you?

Module 2: How to
apply for CSIL

3: How to be a successful CSIL Employer

4: How to be a lawful CSIL employer