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Standard of care in long-term care facilities?

COVID19 continues to expose flaws in our standard of care in long-term care facilities in British Columbia and across Canada. Our most vulnerable and compromised members of our communities are at risk due to close quarters, isolation, inadequate staffing, and poor hygiene practices. Changes to the system need to be made but for many the time has passed. During this second wave and the visitation restrictions we must trust that a loved one is being protected and receiving adequate care. The bottom line is we do not really know what is happening in many care homes until something goes wrong.

In May of this year, Ontario announced criminal charges to 5 care homes. Read the article from CBC here. Conditions in the home were described as, “extremely troubling”, from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Unclean conditions, untrained staff, and improper use of PPE by staff and doctors named as some of the violations. This report has fueled an investigation into the standard of care in long-term care facilities.

A second article from Canadian Press, Military report details ‘disturbing’ allegations on Ontario long-term care homes .

Caution some of the content in this articles may be disturbing to some readers.

Once again, British Columbia officials are recognizing serious flaws in the standard of care in long-term care facilities. More questions are being asked and the need for change is urgently required. This is an exert from the article written by Jennifer Saltman, “Lack of capacity, underfunding, a mishmash of contracts between health authorities and facilities, and a shortfall in accountability and monitoring are just some of the problems that were outlined by experts on a panel at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention Thursday.” Read the entire article from the Vancouver Sun from Sept 25, 2020 below.

Change needed in B.C.’s long-term care and assisted living facilities

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