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Invisible Injury – Traumatic Brain Injury

Invisible Injury – Traumatic Brain Injury

This is what an invisible injury looks like from the outside.

According to the Brain Injury Society of Canada there are:

  • Approximately 1.5 million people living with an acquired brain injury in Canada.
  • Each year there are approximately 165,000 brain injuries and of those approximately 4% result in permanent disability.
  • Brain injury is the leading cause of death or permanent disability for people under the age of 45.
  • Brain injuries are a common result of a fall, car accident, and sport related injury.

Brain injury can happen to anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

What an invisible injury feels like.

Someone recovering from a TBI may appear to be smiling and managing on the outside but often what is happening inside is frightening. Symptoms of a concussion or TBI include:

Consequences of an invisible injury.

People who are recovering from a brain injury often do not receive the medical care and support necessary. TBI’s cause memory issues, trouble with concentration, changes to mood and behavior. These injuries often affect employment and personal relationships. Unfortunately, left untreated, people turn to self medicating with drugs and alcohol. The tragic effects of an untreated brain injury become job loss, relationship breakdowns, isolation, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, and crime to support addiction. According to a UBC study 53% of homeless people have experienced a traumatic brain injury.

Who is affected by invisible injuries ?

Victims of an accident, their family, and closest friends, are typically those most impacted from invisible injuries. What appears to be a healthy and recovered individual, is often experiencing post concussion symptoms that impact their normal life. When mood, behavior, and cognitive function of someone injured are impacted the results can be devastating. Sadly, society is less accepting of people who struggle when they visually appear to be “okay”.

The BC Brain Injury Association has published some wonderful video’s that help explain the injury and recovery process for people that suffer from TBI.

Why legal guidance from a personal injury lawyer is important.

Every person who suffers from a TBI will experience different symptoms depending on what part of the brain has been injured. A personal injury lawyer from Wishart Brain & Spine Law is here to help our clients get the best possible recovery for your loved one.

Our experienced injury lawyers are here to ensure the insurance companies provide the proper support and financing provided by the policy covering your claim. Your future depends on proper forecasting of your future care and expenses. It is difficult to predict all potential future health care needs and expenses, so we consult with your recovery team to assess your needs for proper care now, and in the future. We will negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance companies based on the information about your unique life and injury. Our role in your recovery is to make sure that you have the resources you and your family will need to live the best life possible after a catastrophic injury.

A Wishart Brain & Spine Lawyer is here to help advocate, support, and educate our clients about the struggles people experience living life with a brain injury. We want you to Live a Life Not a Claim.

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